Higby's Campground Rates

Nightly and weekly prices are family rates for up to 4 people in the family with one camping unit, additional guest charges are below.

*Seasonal site rates are family rates for parents and unmarried children under 18 living at home, or up to 4 people


Join us and camp seasonal 2021!


+ Water and Electric seasonal sites include once weekly pumping service

+ Seasonal campers pay metered electric monthly during season


Transit Sites: Prices are per family. Two couples with 2 camping units would pay 2 site prices per night, even though there are only 4 people.  More than one unit can be put on a site pending site size, management approval and proper payment. 

EX) You stay on Primitive site # 1 with 2 tents and 2 couples = $50/night.

Transit Sites: EX)  A family of 5 would pay $31/night for a primitive tent site ($25+$6 extra child).

EX) A party of 5 with a family of 4 that brings grandpa to a 30 amp water and electric site would pay $45/night ($35+$10 extra adult)


Seasonal Sites: Couples or families staying with seasonals as guests are required to pay the full site price, We do not allow subletting of sites.

EX) Your neighbors (a couple) come and stay in your camper or in a tent on your site with you for the weekend, $35/night.

Seasonal Sites: An extra person staying in the camping unit with you would pay as an extra guest.

EX) Your child under 18 has an overnight friend, $6/night. or your mother comes from out of town and camps with you, $10/night

**As of right now, visitors are permitted to stay for no charge until 10pm, they can pay $5 for a pool pass at the office.**


We do charge per person regardless of age, everyone must have a pool pass to enter the pool gate even if not swimming.

Higby's Campground swimming pool is not open to public. See our policies for more information.

Call the office for questions (814) 694-2501.

seasonal due dates:

Nov 15th, 2020 - $300 2021 deposit  and final 2020 electric bill due

Jan 15th, 2021 - $250 payment due

May 1st, 2021 - Balances due for the 2021 season

 we will mail seasonal information, be sure to advise if you have any address change!

Electric Bills are due the 15th of each month, stop in or call for your balance during office hours. Campers can pay with check, cash or card (credit cards require a $2 service fee)

*Prices subject to change without notice, please contact us at the office to get a total for your stay, nightly reservations are not required but are suggested and must be paid in full at time of reservation

Higby's Campground Map


Campground site map is for general site placement only and is not to scale, some sites are reserved for transit use only.

Higby's Campground site map with pool and gameroom at Canadohta Lake, PA
Campground site map.PNG

Higby's Campground Amenities

 Access to our:

  • 30 x 60 in-ground pool* with deep end

  • game room*

  • large lakefront 

  • docking a boat for a reasonable fee (10 HP limit on Canadohta Lake)

  • picnic table and fire ring (with most sites)

  • On-site parking

  • Reasonably priced firewood sales   (by the game room or at the office during office hours)

  • Free pet camping (with approval)

  • 2 Dumpstations

  • 2 shower houses 

  • limited WI-FI at the game room/pool*

  • 35 acres of land with a walking trail 


 Please see our policies  for additional information.


*WIFI, Pool and game room open based on occupancy and weather (only available Memorial Day to Labor Day and daily after June 15th). Docking has additional fee and is only available to Higby's Campground and Cottage patrons.

Higby's Campground Pictures


Stay with Higby's and you will get:

girl pool
camp road
Campsite 121
Campsite 92
Docks with boats2 06-16
Trollhouse05-2017 (2)
block boys side
block dump station
camp lawn from 69 06-16
camp matts sign and flag 06-16
camp middle 2
campgroundandbeach072009 (4)
campsite 16.5
campsite 30
campsite 80's2
campsite 80s
campsite 91
campsite middle
camp docks
camp lawn from 69 06-16
camp matts sign and flag 06-16
camp directional sign 2
camp middle 2